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Features of Eziway Payroll

Eziway Staff Planner

Complex business models made easy. EziPay can be implemented to cover all aspects of your business. Whether you are a sole purpose NDIS provider or a Not for Profit that caters to a variety of different services over multiple sites, Eziway will cater for all your payroll needs....

  • EziPay can be implemented across different industry segments within the one business. Seamlessly create different divisions within the one payroll system.
  • EziPay caters for multiple Awards and Agreements within the same payroll process and can be tailored to employees with multiple positions.
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Eziway Rostering

Save time with integrated rostering! With EziPay there is no need to slave over spreadsheet based rosters. Shave hours off the process by automating key employee data to generate work schedules. Streamline workforce management processes while containing overall payroll costs....

  • Establish predefined standard shift patterns 

  • Identify available staff with relevant skill sets to fill roles 

  • Create rosters based on staffing requirements 

  • Ensure ease of use with Drag and Drop functionality 

  • Management staff alerted to roster gaps, invite eligible staff to fill shifts via email or SMS 

  • Notified staff indicate availability through mobile app 

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Eziway Time & Attendance
Time & Attendance

Fast, simple, and accurate. From the one-click functionality within the Mobile App, to the ease-of-use timesheet verification, and the automatic integration with the Award Interpreter. All resulting in accurate single touch payment instructions for the payroll process....

  • Employee access via Mobile App - capturing real time start and finish times 

  • Timesheets are fully electronic - no waiting overnight for updates to occur 

  • Timesheets are available 24/7 through our cloud-based platform 

  • Management staff and supervisors’ have ready access - for ease-of-use timesheet verification and edit functionality 

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Eziway Award Interpretation
Award Interpretation

Effortless and trouble-free Award Interpretation. Understanding Awards in Australia can be complex. Advanced Award Interpretation functionality is built into EziPay.... Everything happens seamlessly within the software. There is no need to move data from Rostering to an Award Interpreter and then back to Payroll.

  • Saves time while ensuring accuracy 

  • Rules from the Industrial Agreement are immediately applied to each individual staff member while taking into consideration their start and finish time.  

  • The ability to apply the appropriate rate of pay while considering the relevant shift premium  

  • A one-click solution with total automation 

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Eziway Payroll Processing
Payroll Processing

Your journey to smarter payroll starts now! The final step in an integrated and automated methodology. EziPay’s compete approach to payroll facilitates a single push-button process....

Simple review and approval process 

  • Edits are easy to implement 

  • Staff have access to all payslips, available via the App  

  • Payslips are delivered electronically via email 

  • Single touch payroll compliant – records immediately transferred within the system to the ATO 

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Eziway Payroll Processing
Leave Management

Apply any time anywhere for immediate approval. Simplify your leave management processes and manage all your employee’s leave requests on one online platform.... Any changes will automatically update leave balances and sync with payroll, whilst keeping track of your team’s leave and availability.

  • Staff apply for leave via the mobile app 

  • Requests appear automatically for approval 

  • Access scheduled leave against requests 

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Eziway Mobile App
Mobile App

Advanced mobility and unrivalled visibility. The App is a custom, all-in-one solution that unites your payroll and rostering processes. All the relevant information for payroll staff, department managers, and employee is accessible via the app.... A truly paperless system that adds efficiency while ensuring accuracy.  

  • Interactive mobile staff rostering 

  • Portable start and end shift logging 

  • Apply for leave 

  • Update personal details 

  • View all Payslips as of system implementation 

  • Upload documents, (e.g., medical certificates) 

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Eziway Reports

Effortless reporting has never been easier! Advanced reports that collate all the necessary information in an easy-to-read format....

  • Leave Liabilities 

  • Superannuation Reports 

  • GL Cost Allocations 

  • Transaction Reports 

  • Deduction Reports 

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Eziway Dashboard

Total flexibility! Staff that require access to a desktop version of EziPay can customise their dashboard to meet their personal requirements...

  • Totally customisable 

  • Quick links to prioritise what you use regularly 

  • Create your own menu hierarchy 

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