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Announcing a true all-in-one Payroll solution that’s simple, secure and seamless. We’ve put Rostering, Time and Attendance, Awards Interpreter and Payroll all in one place to make not-for-profit functions easy, flexible and complete.

eziway Payroll is a specialised business unit part of the eziway Group. Founded in 2015, eziway Payroll brings all the system expertise and award winning service that has been a hallmark of the eziway Group. eziway Payroll takes innovation, efficiency and technology to the next level to deliver a complete payroll experience.

As experts in servicing FBT exempt organisations, the eziway Group are specialists in this industry and deliver an industry leading service every time. eziway Payroll is built from this same mould and ensure all of our clients receive the best payroll experience that is tailored to their needs.

The eziway Group has long been committed to innovation and a desire to create new systems and services that will assist and support the FBT exempt industry. eziway Payroll is a product of this desire and is a testament to the customer-focus that the Group shares. This customer-focus and commitment to innovation is driven by the full Director involvement that we receive. Our clients can all be assured of a service that is driven by owner participation which guarantees a high quality experience.

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eziway Payroll makes complex, time-consuming tasks routine and gives FBT-exempt employers the flexibility to support an increasingly mobile workforce.

This landmark solution helps organisations improve their human resource yield by transforming outmoded systems and processes that present a real accuracy and efficiency challenge.

The unique web-based platform has been built in consultation with non-profit service providers and gives employers capability to:

  • Streamline workforce management from end-to-end
  • Guarantee data integrity with no import/export risks
  • Reduce the reliance on specialist in-house knowledge
  • Unify key Payroll functions for fast, accurate processing
  • Generate Super Stream compliant payment files
Time and attendance



For seamless management of staff, across multiple states, sites and job roles, eziway Payroll uses secure, cloud based technology. Advanced portability supports BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and full employee mobility.


This Payroll solution also offers same day benefit processing via 100% connection with the eziway Salary Packaging system. Plus, integration potential with most enterprise level financial management systems.


The eziway system allows direct access to live date with accurate, meaningful information available on demand. The elements every business needs to support its critical processes and decision making.

Accountability, program monitoring and evaluation, improved decision making and optimal resource allocation all depend on data analysis. That’s why eziway on demand reporting is such a powerful tool. Our system features a full suite of live data reporting capability for:

  • Employees – instant benefit, transaction, driver reporting and more
  • Payroll and HR – on call deposit, payment, reconciliation reporting and beyond
  • Finance and Management – live FBT, superannuation, vehicles and performance reporting
eziway Payroll


All-in-one innovation

All-in-one innovation

■ Unites all key Payroll systems
■ Fully configurable to employer
■ Progressive self-service capability
■ End-to-end live data system
Advanced mobility

Advanced mobility

■ Full featured mobile application
■ Portable shift and break logging
■ Interactive mobile staff roster
■ Automatic GPS staff locator
Efficient and cost-effective

Efficient and cost-effective

■ No technology investment
■ Big productivity benefits
■ Affordable per payslip fees
■ Avoids duplication and errors

Cloud technology

Cloud technology

■ Rich, secure cloud functionality
■ One extensive employee database
■ Full on demand reporting suite
■ Real time payslips and summaries
People management

People management

■ Unlimited employee numbers
■ Full employment cycle visibility
■ Auto allocates resources to needs
■ Review, approve and audit trail
End-to-end workflow

End-to-end workflow

■ Responsive real time Rostering
■ Live data Time and Attendance
■ Full inbuilt Awards Interpreter
■ Automated online Payroll system

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